Please read the stuff to the right explaining why this site exists - I spent 10 minutes writing it. I was hacked, if you want a summary.

Please also click these ads to help me out after being hacked. Thanks.

Also I'm sorry to say you won't find deals on NFL shirts or Ugg Boots - it was just a ruse to get you to click the link. They're idiots right?

Please read this...

You don't know me, but my site was hacked. If you've come here by clicking a link in a comment or post somewhere on the net, I'm sorry. If you're the owner of the website that had one of these dodgy comments posted, I feel your pain. It wasn't me, but I sympathize. I've spent the last 6 hours of my life cleaning up my webserver, which isn't a big corporate deal, just a personal webserver - and only there to host a few sites that I like to mess about with for fun.

I do have ads on this site, just because I want to get some cash back for my wasted time, so I would appreciate it if you clicked one of them. You don't have to buy anything, but every click helps as they say.. If you don't want to, that's cool - I understand.

And if you're the Indonesian twats called the "Indonesian Cyber Army" (or indotards as I like to call them) that did this to my site. Fuck you. Fuck you very much.

I'm only going to keep this site up for a few weeks or so until I recoup my wasted time in cash. Even a fiver would be something.

As a final note - I don't tarnish every hacker with the same brush. These guys are script-kiddies. Nothing more, nothing less.